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     SERU POWERCAPACITOR was established more than 55 years, beginning in 1979 has established a long-term capacitor in China business, with rich experience in research and development technology and industrial operation performance for a long period of time, we can more quickly and more fully meet the needs of China's industrial market.


Capacitor into China in 1979


Founded in 2004 (Shanghai) office


Sales network covers the area in 2005


In 2010, covering the whole of China service network


     SERU POWERCAPACITOR, represent the SERU permanent business in China is determined to, SERU through national distribution network, improve SERU's service quality in China. SERU in addition to providing first-class quality products, will also be SERU application technology and experience to provide SERU users, and SERU POWERCAPACITOR establishment of the Chinese factories, to provide users with the overall solution, further provides the quality assurance of quality services.


    SERU POWERCAPACITOR for the Chinese market has a lot to look forward to, also determined to SERU even manufacturing localization technology, services, as SERU the use of more customers in Chinese market, SERU CAPACITOR will also continue to increase investment in China, SERU will use professional sales team and technical service stations all over the country, and customer support SERU, the benefit of the customers in SERU.


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